~ Here's a small update.  The Halloween show was awesome, alot of cool pieces, thanks to Steve Talkowski for the comment on my piece. You can check out some pictures of Zigmund under the Custom Vinyl Toys section. Also a thank you to Custom Toy Lab for again posting a custom of mine.  You can view the post by going to my event/news page or by visiting customtoylab.com

Soon I'll post a couple of pics of my newest custom  "Vigo" and another couple pieces I've got in the works.


~Just a quick update...A big thanks to Custom Toy Lab for posting Diego my custom mini munny on their website. You can view the post by going to my events/news page or by visiting customtoylab.com. Also I'll have some pictures of the custom I'm working on for the Halloween show at the APW gallery soon!




~ Well it has been a while but finally...finally Nomar the Serpent Slave if finished! I don't know what took me so long to finish him up (actually I hadn't touched him in almost 2 weeks) but he's done...and on my custom vinyl toys page. You can check him out by clicking here

...And just because your checking out my site...which I greatly appreciate, I'll give you a quick peek at my custom for the APW show on Halloween. Well ok I lied maybe not a peek but a hint of things to come possibly??? I'll be making a custom out of the Think-UP DIY vinyl bust from Miscreation Toys.  That's all for now!


~ Well I'm extremely excited for my first event which will take place at the APW Gallery on 10/31/2008.  The Halloween Custom Toy Exhibition will run from the 31st until Nov. 7th.  I'll have a piece on display as well as my bro Osiris Orion.  Check out the Events/News page for more info.


~ A nice update for today... My first canvas painting is up on my artwork page. It's a 9"x12" acrylic/enamel piece. Check out the pics of I've Got the World in My Hands!
~I also posted some updated pics of Nomar and some additional pics of Diego...


~ One quick update for the weekend... In the next few days I plan on wrapping up the creating of this site and I'll have pictures of my 9"X12" painting I just finished.   Stay tuned ...


~ I finished the Customs Vinyl Toys page, so check that out.  There's a picture of my first custom mini munny and also a picture of the newest one I'm currently working on.  As always continue to check out my blog for the latest updates and photos of works in progress. You can view my blog here.

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