Zigmund was sitting all nice and blank one day when all of a sudden everything changed.  You see I told him not to hang around with Nomar, but he just didn't listen. 

First it started with a bite then...it all changed.


Diego is my first ever custom mini munny.  Diego is also the coolest devil you will ever meet, if you just happen to be sooo lucky enough to meet one! Diego isn't up for torturing souls or damming you for eternity, rather he'd go to the casinos and get caught up in the VIP life...Hell he's a devil he can do what he wants.

Nomar the Serpent Slave

Nomar is the type of guy you just don't want to hang around. Smelly, Dirty, Vile and shit he's got a snake coming out of his head...Not only that but he's a bore to be around except for when he tries to bite your head off...Kids don't do drugs...don't be like Nomar!


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